What to Know About Transmission Maintenance

Marietta transmission maintenance

The transmission system is a critical part of your car regarding its lifetime, as well as performance. The system is subjected to lots of wear and tear, and for your vehicle to continue serving you, you need to take good care of this system. Failure to keep your vehicle transmission system in good shape could result in stalling and causing you unwanted inconveniences. So, if you are local you should stop by a local Marietta transmission maintenance shop.

Marietta transmission maintenance

The transmission system is responsible for the power and speed of your car. It also gives you control of the gears. With a malfunctioning transmission system, you will face several challenges while driving, for example, stalling, rolling while in the parking mode, driving forward when you are in neutral mode, losing power, and losing the ability to drive the car in reverse or forward. Being in all these positions is dangerous to both the car occupants and other road users. To avoid all these, you need to contact the Marietta transmission maintenance experts at Guardian Transmission Repair. But before you reach the experts, you need to know the following.

Know your owner’s manual

It is essential to read and understand the owner’s manual. The manual offers specifics information that will help you know when and how to maintain the transmission system. For example, it will provide a list of recommended maintenance tasks and when to do them. For example, some models suggest that you carry out transmission maintenance every 30,000 miles, while others may be between 50,000 to 100,000 miles. But if you do not have the manual, you can always purchase one or consult Marietta Transmission Maintenance experts who have experience repairing and maintaining different models. They will advise you on what to do and when to do it.

Know the basics

It is good to know the basics of the transmission system, as this information will help you know when something is amiss. For example, you need to know that the transmission fluid is mainly red. Also, most cars and trucks come with a dipstick under the hood, which makes checking the level of the transmission fluid easy. With the marking on the deep stick, you can know if you need to add more fluid or not. Always keep the fluid at the recommended level. During your regular checks, if you notice color changes, for example, black or brown, it is probably time to visit the Marietta Transmission Maintenance shop for a professional diagnosis.

Be aware of warning signs.

Brown or dark transmission fluid signifies that the fluid is dirty and, therefore, no sufficient lubrication to the transmission system. Furthermore, it is critical to check the temperature gauges often. If your engine is running hot and you begin to smell something burning, do not delay calling your mechanic. Contact Guardian Transmission Repair, the Marietta transmission maintenance experts, to check on your car. Also, in case you notice that your vehicle is not accelerating normally, i.e., you feel shakes and knocks as you drive, you need to seek professional help immediately.

Prevention is the best way to handle your car transmission system. Do not wait for a breakdown. Always consult experts when you note even the smallest problem with the transmission. It will save you thousands of dollars, time, and unwanted inconveniences.

Jason Scott

Jason Scott is a well recognized and highly skilled transmission and drive line expert in the Transmission Industry. To keep up with today’s ever changing transmission repair industry he has attended over 120 transmission and driveline seminars over a 35 year career. Jason has also taught many classes in transmission repair, diagnostics, and more. Jason has also been a key speaker at his own transmission technical seminar in the metro Atlanta area. Jason has been featured in “Gears Magazine” ( Tools of the Trade ) where he was recognized for his excellence in transmission service.



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