10 Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is the liquid responsible for lubricating and cooling the vehicle’s internal components. The fluid enables your car to shift gears effortlessly and on time. If you have a leak or low transmission fluid, it will affect the way your vehicle performs in several ways. Low fluid levels can also make your vehicle susceptible to air bubbles or dirt contamination in the filter, leading to additional problems. Identifying the symptoms of too low transmission fluid right away will help you know whether it’s time to refill the fluid or contact a trusted mechanic to provide a professional repair.

Here are ten symptoms indicating your vehicle has low transmission fluid:

#1: Puddles or Drips Under the Vehicle

#2: Slipping Gears or Difficulty Shifting Gears

#3: Sudden Jerks While Driving

#4: Shaking or Shuddering on the Road

#5: Clunking, Grinding, or Humming Noises

#6: Burning Smell

#7: Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

#8: Vehicle Stalls Often or Doesn’t Engage in Reverse

#9: Slow Acceleration

#10: Increased Fuel Consumption

Perhaps you have noticed one symptom or most of them. Either way, scheduling service with a reputable transmission repair team is your best option to solve the problem quickly without risking costly damage to your vehicle.

What Causes a Reduction in Transmission Fluid?

While leakage is the primary cause for low transmission fluid, there are several spots the leak can occur. The most common reasons for transmission fluid leaks include:

  • Failure of the transmission pan gasket
  • Puncture or crack in the transmission pan
  • Crack in the fluid line
  • Failure of the axle seal
  • Failure of the torque converter

It’s crucial to receive a complete, thorough inspection and diagnosis of any vehicle before committing to repair or maintenance. A trusted auto mechanic will help you identify the leak source and provide a professional repair to stop leaks and ensure the transmission fluid remains at an optimal level.

Keep in mind, a transmission light coming on doesn’t always mean the vehicle needs a costly repair. Turn to the experts to get an accurate diagnosis that gives you peace of mind and confidence as you move forward.

A Solution for Your Low Transmission Fluid Problem

At family-owned and operated Guardian Transmission Repair, we will quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle to identify why it has low transmission fluid. Then, we’ll perform a professional repair that gives you long-lasting results. Our dependable repair team brings more than 50 years of experience to your transmission repair services, and we offer The Golden Rule Warranty—the industry’s top transmission warranty.

Guardian Transmission Repair is dedicated to meeting the transmission repair needs of customers in Marietta, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, and Roswell. Call us at 770-509-2140 to schedule an appointment if you notice any of these common symptoms of low transmission fluid.

Jason Scott

Jason Scott is a well recognized and highly skilled transmission and drive line expert in the Transmission Industry. To keep up with today’s ever changing transmission repair industry he has attended over 120 transmission and driveline seminars over a 35 year career. Jason has also taught many classes in transmission repair, diagnostics, and more. Jason has also been a key speaker at his own transmission technical seminar in the metro Atlanta area. Jason has been featured in “Gears Magazine” ( Tools of the Trade ) where he was recognized for his excellence in transmission service.



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