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Automatic Transmission Repair

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Automatic Transmission Repair and Service in Marietta GA

Since the automatic transmission inception, it has and still remains the hardest working part of a vehicle. From its days as only a two speed transmission to today's 10 speed transmissions, it has always needed to be diagnosed, serviced, repaired, or even rebuilt  or remanufactured by experienced transmission specialist who  believe  in continuing education and the latest computer scan equipment

Transmission Service

Transmission service consists of the removal of the transmission pan, transmission filter and fluid. We complete the service by changing the filter and pan gasket and refill with new fluid.

Transmission Flush

Transmission flush consist of removal of pan and filter and fluid, and refill with new fluid then connecting to the transmission with a machine to replace all transmission fluid.

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair consists of a complete and through diagnosis of the transmission to determine the problem with the transmission. This consists of a test drive by one of Guardian Transmissions experts, a computer scan to check for trouble codes and a lift inspection. With the expert diagnosis we can better determine the cause of the problem or code.

Check Engine Light

Fact: Most transmissions with a check engine light or a check transmission light on, do not need a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission. That’s why it is so important to have your vehicle thoroughly diagnosed with the latest computer scan equipment and highly train Guardian Transmissions technicians. An error or mistake in the diagnosis process can cost thousands in unnecessary repairs.

Transmission Rebuild, Overhaul or Remanufacture

After your transmission has been thoroughly diagnosed it may need rebuilding, overhaul, or be remanufactured. All of these terms mean the same, so don’t get fooled.

A transmission rebuild or overhaul consists of pulling the transmission out of vehicle and completely disassembling it. We proceed with replacing all bad or broken parts as well as all clutches, lip seals, bushings and soft parts. We apply the latest updating possible bringing your vehicles transmission back to factory level specifications

So, if you notice that check engine light is on or something just doesn’t feel right come by Guardian Transmission for a free multi-point inspection

Guardian, our name says it all.

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Automatic Transmission Repair

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