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I am sure you love your four-wheel drive car. But do you know what makes it possible to change from two-wheel to all-wheel drive? Well, it is the transfer case. This is attached to the transmission, as well as both the front and rare axles. It lets you engage power to all the four wheels and back to two wheels when need be. Like other transmission parts, the transfer case endures lots of stress as it transmits the power to the drive shaft. Due to the pressure, there are always high chances of something going wrong, and this is where the need to visit the Marietta Transfer Case Repair experts at Guardian Transmissions. Below are some common problems that drivers are likely to experience.

Low transmission fluid

Because the transfer case is separate from the transmission case, this system needs its own transmission fluid. The fluid lubricates the gears and also cools the moving metal parts. If the fluid level is low, the box will overheat, and this will result in parts and components seizing up. In extreme cases, it is not possible to shift between the two drive modes. Although sometimes adding the fluid solves the problem, it will not undo the wear and tear caused by inadequate lubrication. Also, as you refill the fluid, be sure to get quality lubricants from reputable Marietta car repair experts to be sure of the quality.

Bad vacuum line

The system that changes the linkages from 2 to 4-wheel drive and back again is the vacuum line. Since it relies on pneumatics, the line may not have enough power to operate the mechanism and change the gears if the fluid is leaking. To check for any leaks, listen to the engine as it runs. If you hear any hissing sound, then there are chances the line is leaking. 

Worn transfer chain

Many 4-wheel drive autos rely on a chain to transmit power from the engine to the drive shafts. Just as with bicycles, this chain has sprockets and gears that allow it to switch between the various gears. Because they endure lots of strain and stress while transferring power, these chains can break or stretch. When this happens, the system won't fit on the gears and sprockets it uses to transfer power. In some cases, the issues may lead to transmission failure. Often, the driver will experience some signs of transmission issues, which include stalling and gear changing problems, i.e., delays. The only solution to broken or worn chains is replacement. By visiting Marietta transfer case repair shop, you will get the replacement and at an affordable price.

Transfer case damage

Although the transfer case is very tough and durable, they cannot withstand direct damage, i.e., from road materials. Bumps, rocks, and other road hazards can smash the vulnerable box causing leaks. When this happens, the driver will experience issues switching from the two modes. If only some parts suffer damages, then Marietta transfer case repair experts can do the repairs. However, if there is total damage, then the only option is replacing the transfer case.

If you want to continue enjoying switching from 2 to 4-wheel drive modes, then you have to take care of the transfer case. This includes knowing when you have problems, when to refill the fluid, and also when to call the Marietta repair shop at Guardian Transmissions for professional services.

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