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A manual transmission requires a driver-operated clutch to shift through gears. This is the major difference it has with an Automatic transmission. The clutch is subjected to lots of friction, and this is why it breakdown. Manual transmission breakdown is common after covering thousands of miles, and this usually causes come inconveniences. But if you know the signs of manual transmission failure, then taking care of the system is easy. Once you discover such signs or problems, you can always visit Marietta manual transmission repair shop Guardian Transmissions for professional diagnosis and servicing. But what are the everyday manual transmission problems? Here are some examples:

Transmission shifts hard

Sometimes you will realize that you’re having a hard time going through the gears. For example, when shifting, you will hear grinding sounds in the transmission. Your car transmission lags and does not go into the required gear. Hard shifting mostly happens when you need to lubricate or adjust the clutch linkage. In this case, you need to check the level of the lubricant as well as viscosity. Also, check whether the gear changing system needs repair. You can as well check whether the internal parts are malfunctioning. A visit to Guardian Transmissions will make it easy for you to handle such issues as the experts have the right tools for diagnosis and experience to repair your transmission.

Leaking transmission lubricant

Another manual transmission problem is leaking lubricant. Always check your driveway where you park your car overnight. If you see some gear oil, then automatically know there is a problem. Also, if you notice abnormally low oil level, know that you have a problem and sort it out as soonest before your car stalls while running your errands. The most common causes of oil leaks include excessive lubricants, loose bolts, cracks in the case, misplaced drain plug, etc.

Generally, the solution to leaking transmission lubricant is to keep the oil to the recommended level and seeking professional help from Marietta transmission repair experts, Guardian Transmissions if you do not know the cause of the leak. The experts will diagnose the problem and fix the leak. Remember that leaking lubricant can cost you hefty repairs in case you have to replace the whole transmission system, and therefore you should be very careful with this.

Noisy transmission

Another sign that you have problems in your transmission system is noisy transmission, during shifting, if you hear some strange noise, you should probably visit the nearest Marietta car repair shop for immediate diagnosis and repair.

Stuck clutch

Sometimes the clutch doesn’t release. You might be hard pressing the clutch, but you cannot change gears. Then when you eventually release the clutch, your vehicle has issues accelerating. When you note such issues, it is time to adjust the clutch or even replace it. It will depend on the general condition of the clutch. The best thing here is to visit Marietta manual transmission repair and have professional advice.

When you notice the above or any other sign, always visit a repair shop without hesitation. The earlier you address transmission issues, the better for you economically. Early diagnosis means you will spend less on repair. Also, remember to look for a reputable transmission repair shop for your car.

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