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Understanding and Servicing Your Rear Differential

If you are a car owner, then I am sure you are familiar with the rear axle differential. It serves a critical role in your car as it connects to the transmission via the driveshaft. This system enables the engine to transfer power to the rear wheels. This system is responsible for changing the direction of the engine power to ensure that it is no longer longitudinal or along the car. From there, this system directs the power to the wheels. The differential has gears that help with this ninety-degree change of direction on the axles. The axle shafts connect with wheels and are responsible for rotating and moving the vehicle wheels.

Just like any other system of the car, the rear differential also suffers wear and tear and requires maintenance and repair. But what happens if you have a faulty rear differential? Well, it is simple. Your car will stall and will no longer move. Although not all differential issues will cause stalling, you will realize difficulties when driving, loss of power, noises, among other problems. 

Servicing Rear Differentials

When you notice issues with your rear differential, visiting a Marietta Differential Repair shop is paramount. It will save you money if the mechanics can handle the problem before getting out of hand. Keep in mind that rear differential repair and replacement are costly, and sometimes you may opt to sell your car as is and get a new one.

When servicing your differential system, lubrication is critical. The gears need to be covered with oil, which will lubricate not only the gears but also the bearing as well. The oil will also play a critical role in keeping the whole system cool.

After some time, the oil will breakdown, and metal fillings will come of the gears and bearings, and the mixture will render the fluid useless. This, therefore, means that after some time, you need to changes the differential fluid to keep the system running smoothly. You can use the owner’s manual to know when to changes the oil, or you can as well contact Guardian Transmissions for professional advice and services. But how do you know your rear differential needs servicing?

Signs that your differential system needs repair

Like any other system, there’re always signs that your differential system is failing or needs repair. The first sign is when you start hearing noises in your differential system. When you notice such noises, waste no time and contact the experts to diagnose the problems and offer you professional repair services. The second sign is when you note leakages on the differential area. You can tell that the differential fluid is leaking if there is light brown or grayish fluid on the parking lot where the differential system is located. The cost of such repairs will depend on the extent of the damage.

By visiting the Marietta Differential Repair shop, Guardian Transmissions when you have issues with your differential system, you can be sure of professional diagnosis and servicing. The mechanics know how to handle differential problems and will advise you when repair or replacement is your best bet.

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