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CVT Transmission: A Repair Guide

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is an automatic car transmission system that enables smoother driving through optimization of the gear shifting process. This modern technology has been adopted by many cars, including Toyota Nissan Honda, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

A CVT transmission not only helps shift gears seamlessly but also makes the engine operate at optimum power providing better fuel economy. Since a CVT has fewer moving parts compared to the traditional automatic transmission systems, it requires a lower cost to produce, making it a good option for car manufacturers and car enthusiasts.

How does the CV Transmission work?

To recognize the problems that may arise in your CVT system, you must have the necessary information on how the system works. The CVT features two variable pulleys connected by a special belt. The belt moves in or out as the pulleys open and close. The change in circumference brought by the two movements alters the transmission.

The result is an effective transmission ratio that causes the acceleration of the car without an increase in RPM. The CVT system hence allows continuous variation of gears in the engine through gear ratios. You may not even notice gear changes in a car having a CVT transmission.

As with other transmission systems in cars, problems arise in a CVT, especially if its fluids are not maintained correctly. If you want to keep your vehicle for an extended period, you must be ready to keep the CVT transmission system maintained by a reputable Marietta GA CVT Transmission Repair company.

If you notice one of these signs, you should know that you require a CVT Transmission Repair in Marietta GA instantly:

  • Burning smell- A burning smell from your car is a clear indication that your CVT is overheating. Overheating occurs if the fluid has reduced significantly or if the current fluid is inefficient in cooling the system.
  • Weird noises- If you hear strange sounds such as vibrations or grindings, especially when your car is in neutral mode, you should have your vehicle checked. Neutral noises indicate low levels of CVT transmission oil or mechanical stress.
  • Hesitant gearshift- A CVT is supposed to make your gear changing process easier. If you struggle when changing gears, then you should know that you either chose the wrong transmission fluid for your CVT or that the fluid level is again too low.
  • Lit up engine light- Although this may not necessarily indicate a problem of the transmission system, you need to have your CVT system checked by a local transmission repair company.
  • Leaking fluid- If you notice a sweet-smelling red fluid underneath your car, then you should have your CVT system checked for leaks.

The common repairs done on the CVT transmission system revolve around the transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid is no longer functional, it is flushed and replaced with new transmission fluid. If the fluid's level is lower than recommended, the fluid is topped up to the required level.

Mechanical problems are diagnosed by removing the entire transmission system and repairing components such as the constant velocity joint, clutches and the soft parts. CVT Transmission disassembling should only be left to experienced companies such as Guardian Transmissions.

With over 50 years of combined experience in transmission repairs in Marietta, Guardian Transmissions is, without a doubt, the best company to choose for your CVT Transmission Repair. With Guardian Transmissions, you will be assured of the best computer scans to diagnose the above problems affecting your CVT and top-notch CVT repair services at competitive prices.

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