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All vehicles with manual transmission have a clutch which is used when the vehicle is driven. The clutch is an important part of the vehicle since it connects the engine with the transmission. The clutch is activated using the clutch pedal. Like all automotive components, the clutch will wear out over a period of time. Depending on the extent of the damage, it will difficult to use or control the vehicle. Vehicle owners in Marietta should contact a reputed firm like Guardian Transmissions for Marietta Clutch Repair since the company has more than thirty years experience in Transmission Repair and Service in Marietta.

Vehicle drivers should contact the repair shop as soon as they detect any kind of problem in the clutch. Like many mechanical components, the clutch condition will depend to a large extent on how extensively it has been used and is not connected to the vehicle mileage or age. Vehicle which are used in cities where there are traffic jams are likely to require clutch repairs or replacement more often, since the clutch is used more often, even if the mileage is less. Hence if there are any signs of clutch damage or malfunctioning the vehicle owner should contact the repair shop at the earliest.

What Is Clutch Damage?

One of the most common signs of clutch damage is when a scratching sound is heard when shifting gears. This is due to the damage to the discs of the clutch. It may also be difficult to change gears and to overtake other vehicles if the clutch is damaged. The repair shop will carry out tests on the vehicle clutch to determine, the extent of the damage, and then carry out repairs accordingly. In some cases, only a few parts of the clutch may be damaged or missing and have to be replaced. In other cases, it will be more cost effective to replace the entire clutch.

If the clutch in the vehicle is slipping or it is difficult to move the transmission even when the clutch pedal is pressed, it may be necessary to adjust the clutch to correct it. The repair shop will adjust the clutch for optimal performance. Some parts of the clutch are subjected to more wear and tear, so they have to be replaced. Vehicle clutch kits are available depending on the model number of the vehicle. The repair mechanic will replace the parts using the clutch kit for optimal vehicle performance. In some cases, only the master or slave cylinder may be damaged and they may have to be replaced.

There are other parts in the clutch which may be missing or damaged. The pilot bearing and other bearings may be missing. In other cases, the flywheel used may have to be replaced or resurfaced. The clutch cable may get damaged, so it is necessary to replace it. Grinding of the clutch may be necessary in some cases.

Clutch Repair Experts

The experienced mechanics at Guardian Transmissions have many years experience in repairing the clutches of a wide range of local and imported cars, trucks and other vehicles. They are well known for their expertise and are contributors for Industry publications like Gear & Motor Trend.

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