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The drive axle of a car is a shaft responsible for turning the wheels. The engine delivers rotational force to the car wheels through the shaft. Since the driveshaft is critical, you should address any problems as soon as you notice them to avoid a worse situation. In most cases, the drive shaft will not fail suddenly, but instead, it will gradually worsen. Discovering a driveshaft problem early will prevent hefty repair costs in the future. Before your car stalls, there are signs that you need to visit Guardian Transmissions, a Marietta Axle Drive Shaft Repair shop.

Axle Clicking or Crunching

Sometimes you will notice some strange sounds when cornering. The sounds will continue until you straighten the wheel. When you notice such issues, it is a clear indication of a failing CV joint. This is easier to fix than the drive shaft axle. There is no way for a driver to know the difference, and that’s why it is essential to contact Marietta Axle Drive Shaft Repair experts. If the problem is with the CV joint, you may not notice any signs while driving other than the strange noise. If at all it’s a bad axle driveshaft, driving difficulties are sure to follow, and so contacting a mechanic as soon as possible is critical.

Axle Shaking

This can be shaking throughout the entire vehicle or only the steering wheel. It is more noticeable than the clicking or crunching noise and will probably follow it. This means that if you’re having vibrations in your steering wheel as you drive, the problem will worsen. Just like the noise, this could be a good indicator that you have CV joint issues as well. If it only occurs when cornering, that is probably it. Driving with a faulty axle drive shaft feels like driving with wheels that are aren’t round. If you are unable to differentiate which problem you’re having, Guardian Transmissions is just a call away.

Axle Squeaking

This sign is common at low speeds. At high speed, the squeaking turns into full-brown shaking. With a small bend on your axle drive haft, the brake rotors will rub against the brake pads with every rotation. This sounds like squeaking or whining, and it’s a sign you need to visit the repair shop soon.

Visible Wobble

This sign is not for you to see because it takes someone who is watching you drive to notice the tires wobbling. It is a sign that the axle has some issues, and you need to have the system checked.

Brake Trouble

When you have a bent axle, there will be a misalignment in your brake rotors and tires. This means that they won’t be making consistent and strong contact with the brake pads. If you notice sensitivity or inconsistency with your brakes, it is a sign that you need to get your axle drive shaft checked.

All the above are signs of a failing or problematic axle. When you note either of them, do not panic or try the DIY repair because chances are you will get it wrong. The right thing is to contact Marietta Axle Drive Shaft Repair professionals and have professional advice, diagnosis, repair and replacement of your axle depending on the level of damage.

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